Umbria is located in the centre of Italy and is one of the smaller regions with a total population of less than a million. Umbria often lives in the shadow of its more illustrious neighbour Tuscany but it is not called the green heart of Italy for nothing, as its equally as beautiful, as interesting and it is far less crowded!

What it lacks in size though, it makes up for in its beauty, the stunning mountainous regions of the Apennines, its famous hilltop towns or the picturesque agricultural landscapes provide only a few fitting examples.

There are a large number of fascinating small towns to visit such as Assisi and Norcia, associated with St. Francis and St. Benedict respectively. Of course the vibrant university town of Perugia and the hilltop towns of Orvieto, Gubbio, Spello and Montefalco are also among a few of its delights.

It's also home to the Piano Grande, which was once a lake ringed by high mountains but is now a spectacularly barren flat terrain, which in springtime transforms into a magnificent colourful field full with red poppies and yellow rapeseed. Umbria also provides Rome one of its attractions as halfway up the slopes of Monte Fumaiolo, a trickle seeps out of the ground and wanders southward, gaining breadth and notoriety to become Rome's mighty Tiber!

A small region with a big green heart - You'll love it!