Our olive oil consists solely of olives handpicked from the sun soaked terraced orchards of AZIENDA AGRICOLA CORBINE DI MEZZO. Our location, perched upon the hills between the historic towns of Perugia and Assisi, provides an impressive backdrop and an ideal climate for the nurturing of some 3000 olive trees. The extra care taken in harvesting, sorting and pressing the olives, importantly within 24 hours of harvest, helps provide a superior quality extra virgin olive oil. It is made from a blend of olives from our three traditional Umbrian tree varieties:

FRANTOIO, which is often picked half ripe to obtain the full fruity and aromatic flavours with a well balanced measure of pepper.
MORAIOLO, which produces an intense fruitiness coupled with a rich herbal aroma.
LECCINO, which ripens early with purple olives that produces a mellow and delicate flavour, often
pale in colour.

You can taste and purchase our "Corbine di Mezzo extra virgin olive oil" and the "Corvento" wine at Villa St.Croce or for any orders please contact us via the website.
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